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Journey with us into the story of ancient Antioch through videos, touch screens and 3D projections that bring the past to life before the absorbing the raw energy of the site itself.

The World’s

Marvel at the 1,050 square-metre expanse; observe its undulating flow that tells a story of devastating earthquakes and rerouted rivers. Dating back to the 4th century, the geometric design tells a tale too; that this was once a public meeting place.


Eros marks the start of the Museum Hotel story. This perfectly preserved 70-cm marble sculpture dates back to +/- 200AD and was the site’s first major discovery. The moment we saw him, our hearts began to flutter: he was like a messenger for all that was to follow, and led us straight to Pegasus.


Take flight on wings of wonder… The Pegasus Mosaic, including frescoes of Apollo and the Nine Muses, features 160 shades of natural plant-dyed stones creating almost photographic detail. The deepest discovery at 8.5-metres below ground, it dates back to the 2nd century and includes the first known depiction of Hesiod receiving his poetic inspiration from The Queen of Muses, Calliope.

Roman Baths

This 5th century discovery offers an intriging insight into one of the Romans’ most important social venues, where the community would meet to enjoy food, exercise and a massage. Observe the ‘hot room’ (Caldarium) columns, between which warm water would flow to create steam; plus warm and cold rooms (Tepidarium and Frigidarium) where people would gather to have fun beside the river.

Holy Soul and Wildlife Mosaic

This beautiful mosaic was most likely the floor covering of a 5th century Roman Villa. While its design is typical for the period, it is not usually seen with so many depictions of birds: a lovely synergy with the Asfuroğlu (bird) family who discovered it. The almost photographic realism of this exceptionally preserved example is a joy to behold.